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     12388 Conneaut Lake Rd (Route 322),  Conneaut Lake PA 
Nye's Marina is located on Conneaut Lake in Northwestern PA
We are conveniently located on Routes 322, 18, and  6.  Just 8 miles from Interstate 79 and not far from Interstates 80 and 90.
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A little bit of history...  

Nye's Marina was started in 1957 by Paul and Naomi Nye as Nye's Sport Shop.  The original building, which no longer exists, was across the present highway where Lakeland Emergency Center now is - the highway ran behind the building on the road which is now Old Route 322.  Not long after Nye's Sport Shop was opened, PennDot began construction of the four lane highway now known as Route 322 or The Conneaut Lake Road.  After several years of leasing the original building and running the docks and launch area, Paul and Naomi purchased the marina property from the Moyers family.

At the time that Nye's were purchasing the property, they began constructing the existing sales/service building and also dredging a second canal (the west harbor).  During the dredging of the canal, prehistoric wooly mammoth bones were found by Paul Nye, Ted Hunter (Naomi's father), Ted Moyers and Ed Moyers.  The prehistoric bones had been preserved in the silt.  The bones were donated to Allegheny College and they eventually ended up at the Historical Society in Conneaut Lake where they can now be viewed.



Nye's Marina - a Mercury Marine dealer since 1957

Upon opening in 1957, one of the first product lines that Nye's chose to represent was the Kiekhaefer/Mercury franchise.   Nye's have been continuously selling and servicing Mercury engines ever since.   In 1957 Mercury Marine was the Kiekhaefer Corporation.  The first engines produced by Kiekhaefer Corp were called Mercury, after the fleet-footed messenger of the Roman gods.  Eventually the Kiekhaefer Corporation became Mercury Marine. 

Also in 1957, Kiekhaefer Corporation began operations at a 1,400 acre undeveloped Florida lake - a new testing area away from prying eyes.  To keep the location a secret, Carl Kiekhaefer (the founder of Mercury Marine) referred to it as "Lake X" when speaking with outsiders, and the name stuck.  That same year, the Mark 75 was introduced, the industry's first six-cylinder, 60hp outboard.  At Lake X, two Mark 75s set a world endurance record, each propelling a family-sized runabout over 50,000 miles in 68 3/4 days of continuous night-and-day running.  Refueling on the run, they maintained an average speed of 30.3 miles per hour.

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